Unforgettable 3 Day Visit to Sabah

Well, not exactly 3 days. We arrive really late at night, 12.00pm midnight took a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Terminal 2 Kota Kinabalu. Straight away upon arrival, I called Mr Jojie whom I was suppose to meet to rent his car for RM130 per day. Not bad though. My Wife, My two kids, 1 luggage, fit just nice in the Myvi 1.3 Auto. The ‘commonest-to-see” car in Malaysia.

We arrive at the Borneo Crown Hotel Kota Kinabalu around 1am saturday morning. It’s understandably that the front door was closed. The counter had to be open because we already had made reservations. The room is really tight, no place for solat. Not really recommended for tourist with 2 kids. And we made reservation through AirAsia, which means it can be cheaper if we reserved directly through the hotel. Plus, there’s no breakfast. Oh well, tired already of to sleep.


We woke up at around 5.30 and already its bright! Ahh, I’ve been expected this, but not this soon. After shower and prayer and a little packing we went to the main office to check out. Luckily there’s restaurant next door, Restoran Anees that opens 24h daily. We ordered plain roti canai, nasi lemak, and a heartful of nasi kandar for me. Nice!

We move on to the town at around 8.30 which is already started to rain. It was a really dripping wet when we move around town. We just took a quick stroll around the town and then straight away went to Mount Kinabalu.

It was a winding, wet road all the way there. the scenery is not much as it was clody and fogged all the way. My wife took some pictures of the scenery and it was okay. We really wanted to see the mountain for ourself but the fog is too thick.

Nabalu village. This village is brimming with fruits, food, folk textile, and handicraft. We arrive there around noon but it’s still raining and we still cannot see the Mountain, but luckily there was this newly built shop lots where we can see traditional handicrafts. There was this tall building where you can take pictures of Mount Kinabalu, but I guess I better leave that for tomorrow.

We arrive at the Kinabalu park and had to pay RM3 per person. Free for kids. My expectation was really high for this place as this is the place where climbers prepare before climbing the mountain, But hah, there’s nothing here. except from some map and tourist shop. The Gallery is even closed when we took a visit.

Oh well, off to our next stop,

We arrive at our second hotel, The Cottage Hotel Kundasang at around 12pm that day. Checked in and straight to our room. Its on the ground floor, really nice. But again, the room is really cramped and not really enough for 2 grownups and 2 kids. My wife brings out the instant chicken curry we cooked earlier in KK using hot kettle and ate with some bread. We all took a quick nap until about 1.30pm.

After prayer we set our goals to the cow fields nearby. We took a wrong turn and arrive just nice at around 3.00pm where it is the time to milk the cows. This place is really really nice. Just like we are in New-Zealand milk ads. With thick fog and everything looks suspiciously great!. After parking our car we walked to the main building where all the cows are hearded for milking.

Sincerely, apart from that there was nothing else. We bought some fresh milk but when we tasted it later on its not really as good as they said. It tasted bland and maybe they add some water because the flavour just isn’t there.

Our next journey is the Kundasang War Memorial where we spent around 1 hour there. It was really an eye opener. I have no Idea about this place at all before this. This memorial is to honour the Australian and British soldiers who took the walk of death during World War. I wish I have read up on this before coming here Read here anyone who wish to come to Sabah should read it.

We continue our journey just next door. I saw some tasty stalls nearby where they sell some chicken wings. It looks delicious as it is grilled to perfection. We ordered some nasi ayam (2x), chicken wings (8x). Boy, it was delicious. My daughters love it. We did not ordered drinks as we still have some mineral water in our car.

After that we continue our journey to Poring Hot spring. We drop by the Kundasang market on the side of the road to buy some fruits, strawberries and some unknown berries. It was not the best tasting strawberries that I found out later. We just took a quick stroll around Ranau town and continue our journey.

We arrive at Poring around 5.00pm where its already rained heavily. My kids were asleep and my wife don’t want to wander around in the rain. So, I decided to check out the place on my own. Just a quick stroll in the park. There was so many attraction in this place but I can’t do anything because of the rain. I took some pictures and videos of the place and we continue our journey.

Next stop is the Rafflesia plant site. It was all over the place right here in Poring Village. You can choose anyone you want. I choose the one that have a 4×4 to get to the spot and it cost RM15 per person. Children Free. I was the greatest decision we make throughout this journey as it was the best decision yet to see this flower blooming right before your eyes is really out of this world. The flower is as big as my rented car tires. Its really huge!. I took some pictures of it. It was the pinnacle of our adventure in Sabah! That’s for sure.

It was already 6.00pm when we came out of the orchard. Our next stop is the Sabah tea plantation and boy it was the worst decision.

We had our steamboat that night. After that straight on to bed. Not forgetting the Final Malaysian Cup Kelantan Vs ATM. Kelantan won I guess, not really a football fan. My wife is different though. She’s a true football fan who’d rather stay up all night just to watch football.


We woke up quite late that morning. I finished my prayers and then we pack quickly before checking out. Had our breakfast right there in the Hotel. It was a really great morning and the sun is shining bright!. We were mesmerised when we came out of the hotel. The one thing that we search yesterday was there right in front of our eyes. It was really huge! The Mount Kinabalu is really big and minghty. I was really taken aback because this hotel is by far the best place to view this Mountain but due to the useless building design, you cant really see the mountain unless you come out of the hotel! Oh what a waste, we should have woke up much earlier and come out to take the pictures. The fog is starting to block the view and we just manage to snap a few pictures This is a great hotel to stay for the view if you don’t mind the cramp quarters.

We drove away towards Kota Kinabalu to get a better picture of this Mountain in Nabalu Village. We stop by around 9.30am and I managed to climb the Nabalu tower to get some picture of the Mountain. We drove around the Nabalu village and found out that there was this perfect place to take pictures. Ah, why didn’t I notice this before. I should have come here earlier. We quickly jump out of the car and stand by to take pictures. It scene was breathtaking. The was some other families that came after us and I just manage to conduct a simple conversation with them.

We continue our journey towards Kota Kinabalu and its starting to rain lightly. Our first stop  is the Pasar Filipina. It was really hard to find a parking spot as it was Sunday and everyone wants to go to the market. I tried to find the name in Google but it turns out that the name is just a collection of pasar (market). There’s the dried fish market, the fruit market, the handicraft market, wet market and other market which we didn’t visit. My wife bought so many dried fish I think we can start to open a market in KL.

We walk through some of the market and it was really interesting to see all the handicraft from Sabah. It was definitely not the same as the one from Sarawak. I see cigarette peddlers along the street. and musrooming stalls along the way. We bought some chicken wings (again) and it was delicious. But there was no place to sit down. We found out one nice spot in the coconut stall. We ordered some coconut drinks and eat the chicken wings. Oh man! bliss..

So, thats it. We done everything we wanted from our checklist in the past 2 days. But the fuel tank is still full, better go the other places for a quick run through. we still have 5 hours before our flight. The first stop is the atkinson clock tower. We just drove by. Next to it is the Padang Merdeka. Next is the Sabah Museum. But we took a wrong turn and ends up coming from the rear of the building. Ah! scrap that! NEXT! Since its already zuhur, we decided to go to the State Mosque . Its a really beautiful mosque, I really urge anyone coming here to go there. I asked that keeper where is the best food you eat for lunch and he said to go to a nearby called Lengkuas. Its not on the map though, just trust me its there. But along the way there is a group of place where you can eat and we decided to go there instead.

So, thats it lah, penat dah menulis. Hope it helps anyone out there who wish to go to Sabah. If you have question please ask, There are some things I left out.

Until next time. bye.


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