Sony Nex C3 takes a step back, Nex 5n and Nex 7 arrived

I’m in a midst of finding a perfect companion for my Trip to Hindia in October this year. I have read, raced, rallied, and research some of the interesting cameras out there this year. The specification that I have put on these are: Must be small enough to be carried easily, must be lower than RM2000 (USD669), emm, what else ehh? Can’t think of any else.

I’ve taken an akin to the new Nex-C3 which came out last month. Retail price in Sony Shops are RM2199. But you can get at RM1899 at other retail stores around KL. The newest in the line is the Nex-5n which is still not available but I’m guessing it will be priced around RM2300, cheaper still if you buy in retail stores but that one have to wait another 1 month. Nex-7 will be priced at RM3000 body only (that is the converted USD price) and honestly think that it will reached RM6000++ with other accessories when it finally reach our shores.

I sincerely hope that the Sony-5n will arrive here soon enough. If its within my budget, hopefully I can get one. If not, I’ll just take the C3.

Been following the Nex Forums, Google alerts and other interesting tidbits of the camera. Will update if there’s any interesting thing happen.

Bye for now.


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